Thursday, January 14, 2010

An open letter to my friends who own or work at funeral homes

I want to address something that we hear all the time when we go to seminars or conventions. Everytime I attend one of these things that has to do with building your business, I keep hearing the same thing, "Do something that sets you apart from your competition!", or "Ask yourself what you do differently than your competitor". Everyone sits there like a bump on a log and barely a word is heard because honestly the vast majority of them don't know. Worse than that is the fact that the majority of them don't do anything different from their competitor and they know it.

There is a group of funeral directors who are serving their families and their communities better than their competitors. I know who they are. There's a list of them on the NFDA website. They are the recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award. They have shown their community as well as their peers that they are doing what it takes to set themselves apart, by providing unique programs, services to their families and developing themselves professionally. I know that if you asked any of them the standard seminar questions, they would not hesitate to answer them.

My wife and I can speak personally to what NFDA and the Pursuit of Excellence Award has done for our firm. We have received the award for the last five years. Every year I am amazed at the public awareness it generates for us. It motivates us to do more and provide even better care for our families. It has truly been a blessing for us.

You have the opportunity right now to make this the year you set yourself apart from the funeral homes that just sit in those seminars and never take action. Call NFDA 800-228-6332 or visit their website

I can promise you two things. First, if you choose to take this next step in your funeral homes growth, I will personally help you if you have any questions or need any help. Secondly, I can promise that if you follow through with this, it will be a benefit and blessing to your firm, just as it has been for ours.