Friday, December 11, 2009

My darling Tabby

I just looked over the blog and it has been over two years since I bought my hp2710p It is the third laptop I have owned and has been the best one of all. I have upgraded the RAM and replaced the batteries which are routine maintenance as far as I am concerned. The biggest issue I have is the outer case has tons of cracks and today I dropped it while it was in my backpack and broke the latch on it. With the other two laptops I had, the deathnell for them had been hard drive issues and overheating problems. Neither of those are a problem for Tabby. The fans run almost exactly the same as they did the day I got it, which is unreal for a two year old laptop that has taken a beating like mine.

Of course by writing this, I will probably have a catastrophic hard drive failure in the next few days.

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