Saturday, January 19, 2008

Miss two months, miss a lot

After my deluge of posts last fall when I received my i760, and then buying the hp2710p I kinda steered away from tweaking and hovering over tweak-related sites for a few months. Last week I got a message from a guy who needed help tethering to a nokia n800 (Natasha's older sister). So I looked around a bit and realized I had missed out on something big.

Last year there was someone in the i730 forum who was working on creating an "Ad-hoc" network for the ppc. This means that the phone would be a wireless access point and other wi-fi devices could connect to it and get internet access. I figured back then it was going to be more of a proof-of-concept sort of thing.
Well there is a new program out that to me is the easiest way to tether I have ever found. You load the program and turn on your wifi. Boom. You have created your own wifi hotspot. I connected to Natasha quickly and also Tabby and Lappy all at the same time. My network was an unsecure one but you can make it secure.

If you have some type of Windows Mobile device even if you are not much of a tweaker you gotta check this out. The speeds are comparable to a USB connection without having to have a cord.
Here is the link to get you started, courtesy of one of my gadget heroes mrailing.

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