Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sammy and Nikita??

Well Nikita was as close as I could come to Nokia. Nikita is a foreign name and it runs on linux which is "foreign" to me. Actually I don't like Sammy so I want a different name for him...
Boris and Natasha!!!

OK heres what I promised. I'm not the best at direction writing.
If you've never seen a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Click here. I got mine on woot! for 135.00. I was looking at the n800 but this was too sweet a deal to pass up.

1. So you get Natasha to her control panel and click on Phone and then click on New. She's nice because you do not have to manually turn on her BT. She automatically starts looking for devices around her.
2. Turn on Boris's BT and set to "Make this device visible...".
3. Natasha will find Boris and give you a four number passcode. Select ok and wait for Boris to ask for the passcode.
4. Once they pair Natasha will tell you that Boris does not support File Transfer and will only support Dial-Up Networking, click ok.
5. Boris will pair but will not show any services available. THAT IS OK. Just click save.
6. Now go to post 39 in this thread and download the zip file. Take the .exe file thats in the folder and place it in Boris wherever you want. When you click on it a pop up window will tell you that Bluetooth modem services have started.
7. Now in Natasha's control panel select "Connectivity" then Connections then New then Next.
8. Name the connection whatever you want and make sure you select "Packet Data". Click Next
9. Select CDMA Network then click OK
10. The dialup number should already be there (#777) Username is Password is vzw. Click OK.
11. You will be back at the Connectivity Menu. Where it says "Connect without asking" I have it set to "Phone Connection" I never use wifi. Click on the tab marked "Idle Times" and make sure the "Packet Data Idle Time" is set to unlimited.
12. You should still have Boris's BT turned on and the bt-modem prog on. The last thing you gotta do is if you use Exchange Server set it to manual and then disconnect the data session. I haven't found an easy way to do this except through using a special profile in Phone Alarm (thats a profile setting program I use). It will set my Active Synch to Manual and automatically turn on btmodem but I still have to end the data session. I need more expertise to make that part easier. Hopefully when it's officially released someone will be able to improve on that. btmodem is an old prog from the i730.
13. OK open a webpage on Natasha and you should see a little phone in the upper corner blinking for a few seconds, Boris' screen will light up, and then Natasha will tell you she is connected.

Oh, here's a pic to show you the happy couple. The first one is Natasha with her metal cover on. I can actually carry her in my pocket and not realize she's there. Even with the metal cover she is still a skosh thinner than Boris. I had been using her for websurfing and rss feeds, but she can do so much more that I haven't even looked at yet. I can also pair her with my BT keyboard so now that she is tethered too I have all the makings of a very mobile office! Who doesn't like a thin versatile woman with an exotic name!

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Seattlecard said...

thanks! Worked for me on an n800!!!