Friday, January 18, 2008

hp2710p Slim (?) Extended Battery

Sounds weird to use slim and extended at the same time to describe a battery, but that fits this battery to a tee.
I have gotten tired of having to pack the AC charger every morning just in case the battery for my hp2710p didn't make it through the day. Don't get me wrong the battery life is amazing on it, but I find myself using this more than any laptop I have had. I thought about getting a cradle but I just am not the kind of business person that sits at a desk all day, so I did a little searching and found this battery. I ordered it straight from hp, after about five minutes of price shopping, they had the best price.

I took these pics with an old 2.1 MP camera.
Here is a shot of Tabby next to the battery.

The battery locks very securely into place under the laptop. You can still use a cradle if
you want.Here you can see that it doesn't add a lot of thickness to the laptop. In the background is Pookie.

Here is the money shot!
So it does add weight to Tabby, but I can go the whole day without worrying about charging it.

Oh yeah hehe it was 179.00

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