Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Should be working harder

I have been doing some general work here at the funeral home this morning and decided to reward myself for what little I have done with a blog post.
Here are some thoughts:

I ordered two 35 foot Flexima VGA cables this morning from Cables To Go. Very nice online customer support. I picked them cuz they came up first on google, but I am glad I did so far.
I am using my laptop for casket selection and obit writing and want to display my work on a larger screen for the family to read.
Why hasn't anyone figured out how to do this wirelessly? I'm talking about 10-20 feet. Something like BT. Just wondering.

I checked my feedburner stats today. Holy subscribers batman, I got the most ever right now!! My post on using your fingers on the i760 in landscape mode is the most popular. I am quite tickled about this. You will notice that I never actually tell you how many subscribers I have. I probably won't because it is probably still embarrassing. If I don't know how bad it is then I will never be disappointed.

The cnet review on the i760 is total crap. I am tickled that cnet rated it a 7 and the user opinions rate it a 9.1. Maybe cnet needs to relook at their work?

I need to fine tune my inkblogging. I want it to look like this!! HAHA well not the content, but you get my drift. I am a long ways from that.

OK back to work

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