Monday, October 1, 2007

I promise I am going to sleep now

Yes it's late, yes I haven't shaved and yes my son took this picture. He has the flu bug and can't sleep so I recruited him to take a pic when I realized something. When the phone is in landscape mode the side buttons (start and ok) are very handy to use. Check out my index finger placement. Right on top of those buttons. I ditched AE Button Plus for the time being. I am trying to run Boris as stock as possible but I just can't work without Pocket Breeze and Phone Alarm. Ok bedtime.


Anonymous said...

Man thanks a million!!! You are the first review of the i760 on the net! I'm the anonymous guys who asked you for the 3 to 4 min review, didn't think you would do it but I'm so glad you did! I really appreciate you taking out your time to get it done... now you can go

If you notice any bugs after a week or so of heavy use, please post them for us. So for your blog is better than cnet, phonescoop, howardforum and all the rest... Great Job!

Anonymous said...

Oh, btw if you find any really cool apps you think we must have when we all get our i760 please post them too.

Thanks again!

sixftunda said...

Yes I will be doing a Mini-review Part 2 hopefully this week. Also along the lines of must have software, I am planning a entry on how to set up your mobile device.