Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Im awake now.

Why do people in the tech forums I frequent have to make these two types of posts

The tech device Dear John letter: (Please note that this poster must start a new thread with some sappy title like Leaving you for the Shiznit 4000) "Farewell, I have bought another device and it's so much better my quality of life issues have improved greatly since not hanging out with you guys. I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you gave me on your old inferior device. I am off to cure chicken pox with my new device."

The tech-sniper: This is from a person who doesn't have the same device as you but posts in your device-specific forum: "Hey guys, I just picked up the (insert device name here), IT ROCKS, it's way better than what you guys have. I have a buddy who got what you have and hair grew on his palms when he used it so after a few days he had to ditch the device"
Then what they do is every thread where the subject is related to a problem with your device, they have to tell you how theirs does not have that problem. "WOW, I can't believe that your device won't defrost your car windows in the morning, that's one of the reasons I got the (insert device name here), it defrosts my car windows and gives me a bag of chips."
They don't usually start new threads, they just snipe the current ones.

I can't think of an ending for this post so I am gonna just get ready for work.

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