Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Well I still haven't gotten this video uploaded yet. I'll keep working on it.

Well it looks as though the samsung i760 I have been waiting on will be delayed until October. Very frustrating. This Treo I have been using is BORING! I have switched back to my pantech pn-820 mainly because it fits in my pocket. I basically like it better than the treo other than that the treo has a full keyboard. I was playing around with the T9 input for the 820. I have never tried it before and it seems pretty easy. I have never really needed to do a lot of texting or sending emails before. Now I find myself texting a lot. I can call the minion til I am blue and get no answer but if I text him he's right on the ball getting back to me. KIDS?! I don't mind texting him but a phone call just seems easier to me.

Anyway the big problem I have is that I want something I can tether to my nokia 770 tablet. My old sammy i730 could but it has no camera which I now need. Neither the pantech nor the treo will. I am almost considering going way backward and buying a 6700 off ebay. Then I smacked myself. I'll stick it out for a little while longer.

Well I just finished our fourth funeral in 7 days. Now I gotta do some engraving and set some monuments.

So theres my problems today. Reading this over I guess another problem I have is writing a coherent blog entry :P

"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful"

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