Thursday, September 6, 2007


The first few days at our house after school starts are tumultuous to say the least. Young Ed-boy comes home for the first two weeks and generally has a conniption each night until he finally gets used to his new schedule and routine. Two years ago we quit sending him to school on the bus because too many things could happen on the way that would throw him off. Now this year since the school has eliminated a bus route we have had to start bringing him home as well. He simply could not stand sitting FOUR to a seat. I don't ever remember our buses being that full. Hopefully we can find someone else in the neighborhood to car pool with. We have to meet with the school soon, with the budget cuts they made they are not providing everything specified in his IEP (Individual Education Plan). SO we call our big gun out. We have a parent advocate who is actually paid by taxpayers to come and yell at schools who are also paid by taxpayers. Makes me wish I just had the money for private schooling.

Then there's Monkey. She cries when she can't go to school. Pre-school is MWF. Wonder how she will feel when she is Ed-boy's age.

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