Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to busyness

Well I am dreading and also happy that the kids start school tomorrow. They will be gone during the day which is nice, but since I will be getting them ready for school I won't be going into work til 9:00 am most days. Also we will now have cub scouts, girl scouts, and dance class. Today I had school open house and then building committee at church. Some folks get all teary eyed when their kids go back to school, or they grow up, or move out. Not Me. I am looking forward to the day they move out. I love them dearly but I will still love them no matter where they live. Sounds awful doesn't it?

Well things did pick up at work. Got another call today. It's always a unique situation to deal with when the deceased has made front page news as a result of their death. I read about it in the paper about an hour before I got the initial phone call. One of the most important things is handling phone calls. Newspapers get nosy and people can be even nosier.

Speaking of how people can be at funerals, my friend Judie from Gear Diary posted an interesting question on her facebook page. What's the most inappropriate thing you have ever said (or had said to you) at a funeral? Well the memories came flowing back. It made me wish I had begun writing this stuff down years ago. I think I will make that a category in my blog, I have way to many of them as well as things people have done at a funeral.

Another unusual thing that happened today that I have only read about was I got a phone call from a lady claiming to be AT&T Relay Service. A person was typing on a computer somewhere and this operator was relaying the message to me. The person said her Dad died in Nigeria and needed to buy a casket and funeral. This is a well known scam amongst funeral homes. They ask you to send them money to take care of expenses on their end. I told them I would not be able to help them and hung up. They called back a second time and I repeated myself and hung up. I have gotten faxes from these people but this was the first time I got a phone call. I called my answering service to warn them. They said they get dozens of those every month. Gotta be careful.

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