Tuesday, August 28, 2007


When gadgets or any technology work, they work very good, when they don't it sux.
Had my computer that I do my casket selection on die today during an arrangement conference. I was not a happy camper. Going to Microcenter tomorrow and hopefully they will have what I want. Something cheap with XP Pro. Thats what I need to run my Family Advisor Program on.
I have large 30 inch monitors at each funeral home. I originally had a computer at each location and then when one of them died I was taking the other one back and forth til it died today. I may just get a laptop with a video-out and take it back and forth. I can simply use a cable so they can see the big monitor what is on my laptop. We will see.

You might see a super cool video here tomorrow if my schedule permits. I have a chance to do something very cool. stay tuned!!

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