Sunday, August 26, 2007

Actually worked today!

Back from a 5 hour road trip to pick someone up. He moved from the area many years ago but wanted to be buried up here. Normally I would send one of my part-time guys to go, but A: I had to meet the family while I was down there and B: after a month of no calls cash flow becomes a bit of an issue. So until things pick back up I will be doing a lot of the work I would farm out to my crew.
I am glad I went, it was a nice trip, good weather and a couple of good cigars. For the early morning drive there I had a Macanudo Vintage 1997. It's a lot milder than the La Flor Dominicana's I have. For the trip home I fired up the favorite, LFD Double Ligero Chisel.

Well calls tend to come in three's so I've a feeling this will be a busy week.

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