Monday, February 2, 2009

R.I.P. Dianna Moody

Even those of you who don't follow professional wrestling like I do will probably remember a manager by the name of Paul Bearer. For a time he was a manager for The Undertaker. His real name is Percy Pringle and he is an actual funeral director and owns his own funeral home in Alabama. On Sunday his wife of 30 years, Dianna, passed away in her sleep. This is the statement he released:

Thank you all so much.

Many know that Dianne was a two time breast cancer survivor; however her lasting issues from the invasive chemo and radiation, and numerous other health problems took her from us.

I was blessed to have 30-years of marriage with her, and believe me, 30 years with me would make anybody a saint. The Pringle/Moody Family will never be the same as she was indeed the backbone for us all.

We appreciate all the calls, prayers, emails.

Be Blessed.
~Percy and Family

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