Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Still up...

...and at this point not going back to bed.

BTW today is my wedding anniversary.

Every funeral director has is stock jokes/comedic remarks he or she makes to people at funerals and visitations to make small talk. So for your pleasure he are my stock jokes/phrases I use related to my marriage. They are not originally mine, I heard them over the years and added them to my repertoire, most came from a very close mentor. Feel free to use them yourself.

Q: How long have you been married James?
A: 13....................thousand years.

We got married for better or for worse....I couldn't have done any better and she couldn't have done any worse.

If she really truly loved me she would have left me by now.

I made my wife sign a pre-nup, but it was only good for three years. If she could last that long with me she deserves half.

We have been happily married for eight years.....which is not bad considering we got married 13 years ago.

Have a good day people.

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