Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gadget update

Been using the LG Voyager for the last few days and have been for the most part very happy with it. I have been using it on a spare number I have so my phone calls and text messages are being forwarded from my Touch. I am thinking I will keep the Voyager and get an aircard for Tabby. The Voyager does not do everything that a winmo phone does, but it just seems easier to use. The browser is way better than PIE. There are two things that I am working on a workaround for and one thing I can't fix:

1. Can't use Google Reader in the Voyager browser.
2. The Voyager doesn't have a Tasks program, which I use heavily with my winmo phones. I actually don't use Tasks for tasks. The Tasks program has a note function for each task you put in so I keep all my notes in the Taks program instead of the Notes program. Why? Tasks can be synced with Exchange Server and Notes cannot. That way I can have the notes I take on my winmo phone available on any winmo phone I use as well as Tabby.
3. Can't use Redfly. Thats a hard one, man I love that device.

Even with these three things, I think I am really liking the idea of having a "dumbphone" and an aircard. You can tether with the Voyager, but with as busy as we have been lately, I have more instances of people calling me when I am tethered. Also, you can get push email for the Voyager, but the last few days of not getting real time email have been kind of nice. I check it when I have a moment or I use Tabby.

I will say that after using the Touch and now the Voyager, I have zero desire to turn on the i760. Now it's been removed from all Verizon shelves and word is they are recalling it because of EVDO issues associated with the 6.1 update. I can really see how bad the touchscreen is on it even though I still think it has the best form factor for me (external number pad) of anything out there.

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