Monday, October 27, 2008


Well we moved into our house six years ago today. A tradition sprung up from that event. Our town's trick or treat is always the Sunday before Halloween which falls very close to Ed-boy's birthday. We started having his b-day party on trick or treat day. All his friends come over and go door to door with him and then come back for pizza. The other part of the tradition is that my brother comes and we stay at home and pass out candy while partaking of adult beverages. Needless to say a good time was had by all.
In my state last night I posted that I would try a BB device. The person who asked caught me in the "right moment" to ask, I guess. Either way, I will give it a go. Having started out with an ipaq and never moved from a win mo device of some sort, I should try something different.

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Chris said...

wow...never expected that kind of response! makes me a little guilty, though, to think that it might have been "aided" by special beverages ;-). would hate to see you take the plunge on my account. on the other hand, if you did, i'd definitely be interested in your review. i'm pretty set on waiting for the storm to come out. in the mean time i've been reading the forums over at