Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election Day Holiday?

Well sounds nice on the surface. Wifey however in her infinite wisdom, pointed out that if it were a holiday there would be no school and Mom's and Dad's would have an even harder time going to vote because they would have their children with them. Many government buildings would still have to be open for polling places (can't let election workers take the day off). A lot of parents around here really don't like all these extra holidays, our kids have about one day off a month from school already between legal holidays and the infamous "Teacher Work Day". The latter might just be an Ohio thing. Shouldn't they be working even when the kids are there? **sarcasm** From a funeral director's perspective, I guarantee that I will end up with a funeral that day anyways.

I could just go on and on, suffice it to say that it's better to look at these things from a logical rather than emotional perspective.

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