Monday, July 7, 2008

Where I've Been Part 2

Well with all the work I've done over the last few months my gadget lineup has changed. Jaclynn has been helping out a lot since one of my right hand guys left last month to take on a full time job elsewhere. She got one of my i760's to help me out and she will be able to tether it to Lappy Sr. when I am on vacation in order to post obits to the website and email them to papers. So that left me with my second one. Last weekend for some unknown reason that one bricked. I was in the middle of a phone call and it shut off and hasn't come back on. SO I got myself a Touch. I'll tell ya I have'nt looked back. Even without a keyboard this thing is way better than a i760 imo. Naturally I loaded a hacked ROM with GPS and a WM 6.1

Don't worry about that i760...I got plans for it. I got a line on another one with a bad screen. Doctor, prep the patient for surgery.

I have reloaded Vista twice on Tabby and I think I have her running better than I did out of the box. Battery life is higher but she is taking a beating. Somehow one of the corners is dented. I take her everywhere so I shouldn't be surprised. Next time I dont think I will spend so much on a tablet.

The one thing I really miss with the Touch is the use of the Redfly. I still have the beta unit. They haven't asked for it back yet which surprises me. The Touch does not like to play with the Redfly using the drivers from the other cab files that are available.

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