Monday, July 7, 2008

Where I've Been Part 1

Well this has been the longest absence from the blog I have had. The problem with that is there are too many things to go over with one post. I spread these out for ya.

May and June are past and now rank in the top busiest months I have ever had. Which is probably why I have begun taking Blood Pressure Medicine. Wifey has been on me to get checked out and of course they found a bunch of crap wrong with me. Doc told me to lose 20 pounds and watch what I eat. He wanted me to take Meridia but insurance won't approve that. Naturally my cholesterol is too high as well. The oddest thing was my testosterone level is low. Wifey was the most surprised about that (wink wink). I am supposed to get a shot for that but insurance denied that as well. I absolutely HATE excercise so unless I start watching what I eat, 20 pounds is going to be quite a feat to achieve.

One record we have broken is the number of Saturday services we have had this year. With more and more families choosing cremation and more familes too busy to have funerals during the week, Saturdays have been piling up. Busting arse all week only to have to work on Saturdayand Sunday has been very trying and led to a small mini-breakdown on my part. I went home to visit my parents to try to get away only to be called at 5 am one morning from their house and told to come back because too many people had died that night. I pretty much lost it that day. I am doing better now and I have secured the services of a stay-at-home mom/funeral director to take care of things while I am on vacation starting July 25. That will ensure that I will not be bothered while I am on vacation.

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