Sunday, April 13, 2008

Say hello and probably goodbye to the SMT5800

Well here it is. Friday I got a hold of a SMT5800 from Verizon and unless something amazing happens to it this week, it’s going back. Let’s take a look at it while I explain.

Last summer I used a backup smartphone instead of my main ppc when I was doing outside work projects. It’s smaller, easier to carry, and the lack of touchscreen makes it seem more rugged to me. I wanted to do the same thing this year, but I wanted something new.

This is an HTC device that also goes by the name Libra. The form factor rocks. To me, it’s a smaller better looking i760. Great shape that feels good to hold. It has a brushed metal frame around the screen and keyboard. It “looks” great.

It has an external keypad which I love on my i760. It has T9 on the external keypad which I wish my i760 had. I can type a quick text reply on this one-handed which totally rocks. Like other HTC devices it charges by mini-USB which is very handy.

The slider works in the opposite direction from the other sliders I have used. That’s ok, I can get used to it.

The holster is nice. Solid feel and the screen faces in.

It runs wm6 Standard OS. I am not going to get into that with you. It works like it should.

Here’s where the good things to say ends.

I said the shape of the device feels good to hold. The feel is CHEAP. People love HTC devices but they feel cheap. The slider is wiggly and does not have the crisp feel of my i760. The slider is the source of what is the biggest problem to me. Moving the slider 1/8 of an inch will activate the screen and change it from portrait to landscape. Even if the screen is locked. So if you like to carry your phone in your pocket, it will do this every time the slider moves a little bit. If you are talking on the phone and nudge the slider the phone will switch modes. Every other slider I have had needed to be slid at least half way to activate the screen mode. The qwerty keyboard buttons feel plasticy.

The battery cover is flimsy and does not lay flat on the phone. The micro sd slot does not have a cover, creating an exposure hazard.

The battery life is abysmal. For a small smartphone it really is disappointing. Today I unplugged it at 7 am. I used it for 12 mins of phone calls and received 3 emails. I had the Active Sync set to “as messages arrives”. I had the screen brightness set at the lowest level and did not play with the device at all today. At 5pm it was at 30% power. Sunday is my lightest usage day of the week. I have been trying to find a pic of the extended battery but from what I have read, it increases the thickness from 25mm to 40!!. Remind you of the 6700 ext. battery?

I could live with the cheapness but the battery life and the premature slider activation make it a no-go for me. Maybe my summer backup will be second i760.


Matilda444 said...

Contact me before you purchase a spare i760. I've got one laying on the shelf I'm not using currently and doubt I'll go back to.

James A. Morman said...

A woman that has a spare ppc and no less than a i760? Are you single?
Wait....Wifey put down the rolling pin! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!