Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'll take Pot Luck for 400 Alex

I haven't posted for a few days so here is a recap of stuff I have done.

Redfly: Still loving this device. The battery life is amazing. It sat for 6 days while I used the smt 5800 without being charged, and when I activated my i760 Thursday I used the Redfly all day with no probs. Something I didn't realize was when you update the cab file for the phone make sure the firmware on the Redfly is up to date or you will have problems. I haven't tested the new firmware with Sling but I will let you know.

Sch-i760: Thursday I received a backup 760, so I charged up all the batteries and threw them all in my laptop bag. Thank God. Saturday I went through two extended batteries and one standard battery between 6 am and 4 pm. What the heck!! I realized I had not received an email all day. Active Sync was perpetually synchronizing and not connecting with my 4smartphone exchange server. Hard reset to fix the issue but still have no idea what caused it. Just to be safe I updated my version of phone alarm.

Ed-boy: He is doing well. I got him a wheelchair from the funeral home to use at school. At least he isn't taking pain medicine anymore.

Funerals: We had a large funeral which made things a bit taxing for me with Ed's surgery. I think when wifey has her surgery I will just take the week off.

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