Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back home

Ed wanted to be home so we stopped at Wendy's and then drove straight home.
He is a real trooper. The first words when we met him in the recovery room were "I wasn't scared even once".

I used the SMT5800 today and continue to be disappointed.
1. Only running Facade on it and had two lockups. Then the speakerphone turned on and I could not shut it off without a soft reset.
2. Could not keep the BT connection on when using my Freedom mini GPS
3. The menu keys on the face do not work when the slider is open.
4. you have to press fn>sym and then scroll down to get to the comma....BUT the equal sign = is on the keyboard. How stoooopid is that?
5. I see that when I sent the MMS of the picture of Ed-boy Verizon added the spam to it. That ticks me off. It does not do that with the i760.

Time for bed.

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