Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Days Ahead

Other than one totally awesome act of kindness by someone (you know who you are), today has been pretty crappy. Lots of things did not go correctly at work, though fortunately the end result was just fine.
We have several things going on at home in the next month. Wifey's surgery and also Ed-boy has surgery on his foot on Wednesday. If you will recall in January I took him to Shriners. In between these two surgeries we have Jessica's First Communion.
We also have several things going on at the funeral home in the next month. I have many engravings to do and many monuments to set. Everyone expects theirs to be done before Memorial Day. In addition to that I have tons of yard work (my own home included).

Where is this leading? Well, when I do have a bad day like today, I am told that it is because I am (you need not pick just one)
A. Under stress from lots of things
B: Bottling things up
C: Not accepting what is going on in my life.

My question is, why can't I just have a crappy day because crappy things happened that day? I woke up in a ok mood. Tomorrow I expect to do the same. I will wake up with the expectation that the day will go fine.
I know what is expected of me in the days ahead and I accept that. Please don't expect me to be happy everyday, and don't read into it more than it is.

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