Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Putting the boy under the knife

Well we made it back from Shriners Hospital in Erie, PA with no problems. He will be undergoing surgery in the next couple months. We haven't set a date yet.

Hmmmm..... I don't think I have ever told you why we went did I?

Our son was born with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

Yep he could actually add up to 24.

Well the "fingers" were just small skin flaps that were on the side of each pinky finger, but the toes were real working toes. When he was six months old we had them removed. It was something we did think about possibly not doing. In the end we looked at the practical side of having normal width feet.
Well the bone in the foot that connects to the toe on his right foot had began to grow out to the side and this year we had no choice but to order special width shoes from an internet store so he would be comfortable. Early on the doctors told us that a second and even third surgery would be necessary as he grew. Luckily we received good news today. The surgeon at Shriners says that once this surgery is complete the bone will no longer grow out to the side. They did a great job educating Ed on what takes place on the day of surgery which is important with his Aspergers. Although he caught them speechless when he asked to see the instruments they would be using to cut the bone off with :) Gotta love the boy!

As a side note my son in school this week learned about prime numbers and quickly informed me that prime numbers were necessary in order to communicate with aliens. Click here and read a bit if you haven't gotten his logic yet.

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