Sunday, March 2, 2008


WOW! we did four funerals in five days. That is pretty busy for us. I love being around people and talking to them and working with them, but after five days of that, I like to just sit at home and do nothing and say nothing to anyone. Wifey calls it decompressing. Recharging the batteries so to speak. I didn't even feel like blogging. I have been doing some gadget work but nothing I can talk about right now.

The wonderful Judie from Gear Diary has voted me as a Tech Hottie on my Facebook page. She obviously has good taste. The problem is that I can't vote for her because you need at least five friends to vote for. I never got into Facebook that much and so I only have two friends. Judie and The Girl Who Didn't Show Up aka Jaclynn. So if any of you have a Facebook page hook me up so I can return the favor.

I ordered wifey a LG enV so she could have a full keyboard to text with but I dont think she likes it. Thats too bad. I would hate to have to use it as my backup phone ;)

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