Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gadgets are finally working for ME!!

I was sitting here tonight thinking about why I haven't blogged for over a week (sorry about that), and thinking about all the things I have been doing. I have been quite busy between family, funerals, village business, lodge meetings, and charity fund tax work. I have come to two realizations over the last two weeks:
A: I haven't used a single piece of paper to take notes on or conduct meetings with. I scan everything with my Scanalizer using PaperPort. I also use Pdf Annotator so I can ink notes on a pdf file. Also using MS OneNote but thinking of trying EverNote.
B: All of my gadgets have worked flawlessly. Tabby(hp 2710p) and Boris(sch-i760) work together great as far as tethering go. (An air card would be nice :P) Boris needs soft reset may be every three days
C: My gadgets have saved me a lot of time. OK I will admit I am slow but I just started using RSS feeds a few weeks ago and am amazed at how much time I have saved from constantly checking the 20 or so websites I read everyday.

It has taken three years of technology advancements and gadget purchases to get me to this point. I finally have a setup that hasn't required tweaking.

Well I am not sure if I can post regularly for the rest of this month. I have a lot to do. Next big thing is to setup a charter and by-laws for a area business association. woohoo!

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