Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mini review part 4

Well I thought I should post an update on my sch-i760 (Which I lovingly refer to as Boris).

So far I have had no problems with it. I wish I could sit here and list all the tweaks I have done, but I haven't really done any. Its been running perfectly. Here is a list of programs I run on it:
Pocketmax PhoneAlarm _
This is a program I cannot live without. It is the ultimate ppc profile and recurring alarm program. I have the full version installed. It takes some patience to setup. Once its all set it works like a charm. It switches my profiles at night, on Sundays, and when I have appointments. If you use this, I highly recommend you check every month or so at the support forum. Bruce from Pocketmax makes frequent upgrades to the program.
Lakeridge Software WisBar Lite
This is a really nice task manager and true close app.
Microsoft Office OneNote Mobile
Honestly I have not used this program. I got a free copy of One Note for Tabby so I loaded the mobile version. I use the decant Notes program and save them to my storage card. Since I started using Exchange Server I do not sync to my comp. So there is no need for are to even try this. I just included it because it is loaded.
Spb Time
I have my cradle on my nightstand, so my "night profile" on phonealarm sets screen brightness to the lowest setting and I use Spb time as my bedside clock & alarm. It creates a full screen analog clock.
MRailing's Short Date-Time
This great little program replaces the battery icon at the top with the date and time. Great way to conserve screen real estate. It was created by one of gadget people I admire most. PocketBreeze
this keeps my appointments and tasks all neat and tidy on screen.

Not a lot of progs compared to some, but I am a pretty simplistic guy.

I have been keeping the phone in my pocket and at this point don't think I will be getting any find of case. This is so much smaller than any other pda I have used. when I got my i730 2 years ago I bought approx 6 different cases. It just doesn't seem necessary this time.

I reported before about the top and bottom of the phone being rubbery. Let me correct myself on that. It is actually a thin rubber coating almost like rubber paint. It is very slightly chipping off by where the charger plugs in. Also the cap for the charger plug has not broken off. I thought it would by now.

There are a few things Id like to see the hackers work on, mainly front key functions. I'd love to see T-9 input for the keypad when you are typing SMS with the slider closed. Also I'd like to be able to use the directional pad for calculator functions rather than the touchscreen. So it works like the calculator on a smart phone.

You will notice I do not have any over clock programs loaded. I personally don't think its necessary. The only time I notice a hangup is when I am sending or receiving a big email.

Well I don't have too much more to say about it. I rate it a 9.8 Superdave has taken his 760 apart already!! So I predict we will see some cool mods in the upcoming months. If you need a solid Verizon pda/phone or want to switch to Verizon this is the must-have gadget right now.

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