Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday Excuses

I was talking to someone at my church the other day about a building project we have in the works. I mentioned that things would move slower now until the end of the year because of the holidays. His reply was that people just make excuses at times like this. I am not totally convinced of this. We have 7 weeks left until the end of the year including this one. three of those are short work weeks. On six of those weekdays most people will not be working. Lots of people take extra time off in December and many friends of mine take a week of vacation in December. I don't take vacations but I certainly don't work extra office hours. I am usually taking time off work to do my Christmas shopping and also I spend probably two work days driving around and delivering gifts to outside people I work with (Cemetery workers, Clergy, etc.). Man, now that I have thought about it, there is a lot of lost work time during the holidays. I better get back to work!

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