Friday, October 12, 2007

Mini-review Part 3 Accelerated Gravity Test

Well tonight I dropped the phone.

OK I threw the phone onto the floor........hard.

A certain person who never answers their cell phone, a phone that I pay the monthly charges for, did not answer their phone again for the 2000th time today. Today was not a good day to not answer your phone if I am calling. I am still 3 hours behind on sleep and meal times from being in Vegas for 6 days. When I mean throw I mean like a pro ball player spiking a football. The floor was carpeted and it landed flat on its back. I didn't even need to soft reset it.

I have noticed one problem. Sometimes the hardware buttons will not respond after sending a email or text message. The screen responds but not the buttons. Sometimes it will start to work again and other times I have to soft reset. I actually think that this is a problem with PhoneAlarm. I am gonna hard reset the phone and run it without for a day or so. I am not sure if I can run it without PA but I will try.

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FIB35 said...

did you ever try from your i760? That's what I want to do. There is a 30 day free trial where you can test drive it. You can control your pc and all the programs from your phone.