Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, for the first time in prolly three years we are going to do a switchover in Berlin Heights. "Switchover" is a term I think only our funeral home uses. Neither of my locations are setup to do two visitations at once. So when two people die at the same time things work on a "first-come-first-serve-basis". Fortunately when Mr. Jones dies, they already know that Mrs. Smith died, were prolly neighbors, friends or third cousins, and don't mind having their service delayed or in this case having it a day earlier. So we will have a visitation Tuesday evening, service Wednesday morning. As soon as I leave for the cemetery Wednesday, I have a crew waiting to clear out the flowers, clean the funeral home and quickly set up visitation for the next family. Normally I have four people working a funeral, two inside, two outside. Three will go to the cemetery while one stays behind to clean up. Wednesday I will need three to go to the cemetery and then three more at the funeral home to set up for the next. It sounds easy but when you have only one full-time employee (me) and everyone else is part-time, it becomes more complicated. I spend a good amount of time calling people to help, finding babysitters so wifey can help, and working late for the night or two beforehand. Right now we are short three guys. One has quit, one has moved out of the area, and my main right-hand guy is in NYC with his wife. Luckily the former owner is now stepping up and helping out more. He is 83 and in very good health. In a business sense he is a mentor/father figure to me.
As long as no one else dies until Wednesday night we will be ok :)

Well I bought a Moto Q on ebay should get it tomorrow. I can tether it to my nokia tablet until the 760 shows up. I hate seeing the nokia laying around.

Well off to work.

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