Monday, September 3, 2007

Laboring Day

Well I worked this morning getting someone ready for visitation. She will have to be taken over to the other funeral home first thing tomorrow for the hairdresser to work her magic. I did get to go swimming with Pookie and Monkey this afternoon, but I need to go back tonight and do some paperwork and get the register book and folders ready for visitation. When you don't do enough work to keep a secretary employed regularly, you end up doing a lot by yourself. I have tried to train people to do some of the paperwork and computer work but then when things slow down, they fall out of practice and I either have to find time to retrain them (Which I don't have time to do when we are busy and I need them) or we only get one call so I do the work myself because we aren't that busy. It's a vicious cycle. I do all the embalming, preparation and arrangement conferences myself. I only farm that out when I am on vacation or very sick.
So as you see, when we are busy I can enjoy family time, I just pay for it later.

Oh, remember last week, I said I would be doing something super cool not many people get to do? Well, as of right now I am on track to do it tomorrow night. (Hint)

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