Sunday, September 23, 2007

Keeping fingers crossed

I bought myself a i760 from someone on the pdaphonehome forums. Will get tracking number tomorrow. Totally psyched!!! There was one on ebay that went for 850.00 that I did not buy (way too much). I am paying half that. You might be asking why I would do such a thing? Well I have given this some thought and here is my answers.

1. I am a very impatient man.
2. We really have no idea when this phone will be officially released.
3. I am afraid it will be released the week I will be in Las Vegas. (See Number 1).
4. If I can't tether it to my nokia tablet or I hate it I can ebay it for a profit.
5. No it won't have insurance, but once the official release comes I can always sell this one, and buy a new one with insurance. After six different devices in over two years I have yet to destroy one. (ACH! Just jinxed myself!) So I am willing to take the chance.
6. I used my NE2 discount on my pantech pn-820 so I would have to pay full retail for the device anyways.
7. I am a very impatient man.

So hopefully in a few days I will be getting this wonderful gadget. Expect lots of pics!

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