Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back to work

Well i'm back to regular blogging duties. Got back from the funeral late thursday night and spent friday doing a big engraving job.
One thing about home I forgot was the trains. I waited on 8 trains in three days. My hometown has three tracks coming into town. They from a triangle and the town is inside the triangle. This means you cannot enter or leave town witout crossing tracks. Legend has it that the reason our bank was one of the few in the area never to be robbed by john dillinger was that he didn't want to risk gettting stuck by a train on his getaway. Also I forgot about how the community is here. Grandma was 91 but we had over 200 people attend the visitation. That even in the rural area where I currently live is big. I think we had around 100 at the church for the funeral.

Still waiting for that darn 760. Maybe Monday.

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