Saturday, August 25, 2007

Maybe I do have gender issues?

My old friend FloydWing responded to last nights blog posting by suggesting I have gender issues. Of course I found this to be first.

There is a phenomenon known as Nesting. I have seen my wife do it for each of our four kids. Unconsciously you prepare for the birth or coming of your child. It's genetic, animals do it too. I caught my wife standing on the top step of a ladder dusting the top shelf of our kitchen cabinets. She was 9 mos. pregnant with Ed-boy.

This morning , I got word from one of my websites that my beloved i760 will be released labor day week. Suddenly I have found myself cleaning my corner of the living room where I keep Lappy and all my other gadgets. I have three things boxed and posted for sale. Suddenly I realized......


Think about it. How many times have you heard, "I baby that phone.", "I already ordered the case and screen protector so it's ready when the phone arrives", "At night I keep my phone in its cradle"

We wait and wait and yearn for some of these devices. The rumor/release thread for the i760 at started November 17, 2006 and today has over 4700 posts and closing in on a HALF MILLION VIEWS!

I think we need help. :)

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