Friday, August 24, 2007

Cigars, ppc's, and tv analogies

I'm out on the swing enjoying a la flor dominicana double ligero chisel and a diet pepsi. Same cigar mr limbaugh enjoys. I don't feel as spastic as before.
I had a thought about my treo I have been using. Its a reliable unit but I miss my sammy 730. I got a camera which I need for my blog but now I can't tether to my nokia 770 tablet. I'm out here in the sticks and wifi spots are never wher I am. Plus I am a self reliant kinda guy. If I can do something without depending on someone else I prefer that. The new 760 better let me tether to my nokia either that or the 6800.
Anyways it reminded me of an episode of roseanne years ago. Becky had just broken up with her badboy boyfriend had a date with a new guy. (follow with me). The new guy was qb for the football team, honor roll, eagle scout kinda guy. As soon as roseanne and her husband met him they knew becky would only date him once. They loved him but they knew it wouldn't last because another bad boy would come along.

So in this scenario I am becky, the first bad boy was my 730, the stable nice guy that is not exciting is the treo and the next badboy will either be the 760 or the 6800.
I know there is no way I could explain this to wifey I figure a few of you technophiles would understand and the rest of you will think I have been inhaling too much cigar smoke. But right now sitting out here on my porch swing it all makes perfect sense.
Please hurry verizon.


FloydWing said...

Forget all the techo-junk smokescreen. This is an elaborate plea for help because of gender issues, isn't it? ;)

sixftunda said...

Ahh, no one knows me like you do.