Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Picked up a Crackberry!!

Well after waterlogging two winmo devices last week I was relegated to a BB Pearl I bought used last year. Since I had the chance to upgrade to a new phone, I started doing some looking on the vzw website. The only thing on there that showed any interest to me was the HTC Ozone. The only reason I passed that up was the Smartphone OS and the D-Pad. Personally I prefer an optical mouse or trackball if I am using a device without a touchscreen. SO I started looking at the Blackberry line.

The Tour has been a device BB fans have been waiting for for quite a while and I just learned about it last week. My hosted exchange server 4smartphone.net has improved their Blackberry Enterprise services since I used them last year, which gave me another good reason to look at switching.

So over the next week I will be posting my impressions of this device. So far I have been impressed.


Jas said...

I am looking forward to the reviews. Although I like the Saga, the update has me wishing I hadn't done it.

James A. Morman said...

The update for the saga is disappointing. I filed a claim for my waterlogged one and I hope the replacement does not haev the update. Btw I am posting this from the Tour. The browser on here rocks....so far.