Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bb tour

I will be posting frequently for you saga fans who are craving more info. I will get a video posted for you as well.
This phone ships with AC adapters for overseas travel, USB cable, AC charger, BB Desktop Manager software, AND a nice leather holster AND a 2 GB micro sd card. Yeah, wow is what I said too.

One downside: the usb cable is micro usb, not mini. Luckily for me last year I bought a BT headphone that is micro so I have an extra usb and AC cord.

I don't keep track of memory too much but this morning I did look and even with loading 3 programs to play with I have 103 mb free on the device memory.

One last thing, RIM has released the OS for this phone. Using the Desktop Manager software you can reload the OS on the phone minus anything you don't want to free up even more memory. Voice dialing would be my first choice.

One more last thing for you winmo users following this. If you are thinking about switching, think about how your email is delivered to you and begin to figure out how to do it with a BB. I was using hosted exchange server with Fortunately, one click let me keep my current account and begin using the BB on their hosted BB Enterprise service. With them I can actually switch back and forth from winmo at will which is nice for me since the saga will be my backup.
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