Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Service al fresco

We had talked about doing an outside service at our Berlin Heights location for about a year now. Today's service was for a 54 year old who had worked for one of the areas largest paving companies for over 30 years. The paving company decided to shut down today for the service. I talked to the President of the company and he actually was the one who suggested having it outside. I had a quick meeting with wifey and then the family and they thought it was a great idea. Since the weather was going to be perfect we setup chairs that night. I quickly setup our wireless mic and a couple speakers in the morning.
Things I learned from an outdoor service:
1. Even if it looks weird, figure out where the shade will be at service time and set the chairs there. We have a number of trees on our lawn.
2. Ask the minister to try to pause when semi's and bikes go past.
3. Check your lawn for holes that people could trip or twist an ankle in.
4. Check your chairs for bird crap in the morning.
5. Shut off your central air unit if it is nearby.

As far as I and wifey know we got only compliments. Tom Hinman, our 85 year old former owner made the comment that they did many services outside before air-conditioning was commonplace. Although he did point out that they had a third of the traffic back then going past the funeral home as we do now. He also does not remember it ever raining during a outdoor service.

Was it more work. Yes it was, but it was worth it. Unfortunately, we had two guys driving my hearse and limo for another funeral home, one was out sick, one was out of town, and the fifth was with visiting relatives. It was just one of those weird days like that.


David said...

Well, this Funeral Work stuff is fascinating. I just stumbled across this blog this morning and wish there had been more of it. I've long been interested in the "death care industry" and wish I could have become a funeral director. Had that happened there would have been at least one other Pink Floyd fan in the business!

James A. Morman said...

Thanks for reading David. I post here around once a month now. Most of my writing is done through twitter now, you can follow me there if you want.