Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Outlook, ICS, and the Redfly

Took my wife out to breakfast this morning under the condition that I would be returning emails while we were eating. Spent most of the time cussing out Tabby because Outlook kept freezing up and reboots weren't helping. Finally I figured out that Outlook would only freeze when I had ICS going with the Saga. I have no idea why it was doing this and a reboot of both the Saga and Tabby would not solve the problem. Of course wifey asked, "Why aren't you using your Redfly?" Of course it wasn't in my bag today. So now I had two emails typed in Outlook and no way to send them other than running to the funeral home and using wifi there to send the messages. Needless to say the Redfly returned to my bag today and I am using it now.

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