Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Windows 7 (Go get it!!)

Well I have been using the Windows 7 beta since Friday and for a beta, I am very happy with it. The only problem I have stumbled into was getting the printer drivers loaded for a Lexmark printer I have at the Berlin Heights funeral home and getting the network printers at Wakeman going. Seriously, if you use Vista now, you should download this beta (three days left I think). This morning I ordered more RAM for Tabby to bring her up to 4GB and am going to try 64 bit Win7 this week. RAM is cheap! Found some at crucial.com for 22.49 per 2GB stick.

Well first off, it definitely faster than Vista and the features are better than XP. I guess I will just list things I noticed that are an improvement or things I am surprised that they worked.

-Funeral Directors: the state EDRS Citrix Client does work. That was my biggest surprise and concern when I loaded this.
-Network printer at home no problem, easier than vista or XP - Network printers at work, still not working. Could be an id10t error.
-Tabby wakes up from sleep mode almost instantly.
-Better battery life. Though this might be due to the clean install.
-Tablet input is much better.
I have a screenshot of MS OneNote. The tablet input box is now translucent, so I dont have to keep moving it around to see whats behind it.
-BT ICS connects way faster.

Lots of other little things but those were the biggies. I will post more as time goes by. I will not be going back to Vista. I am curious to see how running a 64 bit OS goes.

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