Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back To Work

Well the holidays are over. The kids head back to school Monday and I am pretty much through taking time off until my normal vacation time in August. I have a few Boy Scout overnighters but other than that it's back to on call 24/7. We had a great holiday. As you noticed in previous posts, we went to the Mall of America in Minneapolis on New Year's Eve. However, that wasn't the primary reason we went to MN. We were invited to a New Year's party by a fellow blogger who I think had been following my blog, and I following her blog, since I got my i760. She was gracious (crazy) enough to invite us to stay at her home. It was great being able to meet someone in person that I met through the blog. It was an opportunity that I am glad I didn't pass up, although driving 24+ hours in five days with wifey and three kids was a challenge (crazy). It is my resolution to be able to extend the same gesture to someone else this year :)

I am actually blogging this from work. I got home late last night and had a call waiting for me, so there has unfortunately been no time to catch my breath from the trip. Unfortunately there will also be no time to get the tree down. Now I wish I had gotten a live one, so I could just pitch it out the door!

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DECGTech said...

I find that pre-lit trees come in 3 pieces... once disassembled, right into the box... (All 3 kids are given the task to store the decorations)... Takes about 5 minutes! :)