Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saga Followup

Got an email today asking how things are going with the Saga.
I am still using it along with the Touch Pro. This month has been so busy for me at work that both of these phones have gotten a helluva workout from me.

Battery Life
A few weeks ago, I though about posting about crappy battery life for both of these devices. I did some thinking and realized that I am using these way more than I ever have. I surf much more because of my RSS feeds and also because of Opera making the surfing experience better. I receive 10 times the email I did when I first started using winmo devices. I tether way more. Facebook and Twitter texts...don't even ask me to count how many of those I do in a day. I do tend to surf more with the Saga and I owe that to the mouse and a better version of Opera on board. So perhaps a better complaint would be that the battery capacities have not kept up with my increased usage.

Saga wins hands down. I have dropped each device at least 10 times. Not a scratch on the Saga, all due to the the rubber coating. Samsung build quality has always won hands down for me. The Touch Pro's shiny exterior makes it much more prone to scratches and fingerprints whereas on the Saga the only finger prints will be on the screen.

Random wakeups
I know that Saga owners have made adjustments to backlight settings to eliminate random wakeups. While I don't doubt there was a wakeup issue, I noticed it myself, but there is something else to say about this.
With the wintry/fall/almostsummer weather Ohio has had the last two months, I have been carrying my devices in a variety of ways. Jeans pocket, dress pants pocket, holster, coat pocket, front gadget pocket on a Columbia Sportswear coat. I can tell you with 99% certainty that my random wakeups are directly related to how I am carrying my device and what I am doing that day. Folks are very quick to blame their device when they really need to take a look at how they are carrying it and what activities they are doing. When I am carrying my device in my jeans pocket I can press the on button that is flush on the top of the Saga, by bending over or moving around a lot. The front pocket of my Columbia coat eliminated all my wakeup problems, but I can't wear that all the time so you either use the native keylock, S2U2, or something like that, or live with it.

The Winner?
For some reason I have only food analogies for these two devices (I must be hungry?). The not so attractive meat and potatoes work horse is the Saga. The sexy, sizzling fajita that the waitress walks around the restaurant for everyone to hear and salivate over, but doesn't quite fill you up and leaves you wanting more is the Touch Pro.

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