Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gadget ramblings

Samsung Saga (aka the New Treo)
I absolutely love this device. The optical mouse is the SHIZNIT! You really need to try it out to see how great it is. I only use the stylus for soft resets and really I went the whole day without using the touchscreen at all. If the Q or other non-touchscreen devices had an optical mouse, it would make the smartphone OS so much more easier to use. Surfing with Opera and using the mouse to click on very small links instead of trying to hit it with my thumb or digging out the stylus is awesome.
Three complaints
1. Wish it was same length and width as a Treo.
2. Automatic Fn key lock in address field on text and MMS messages.
3. Some folks have random wake ups occur. I have twice I think, but sometimes I hit buttons when I get it out of my pocket, so I couldn't confirm that.

Touch Pro
I had a Sprint TP bought on ebay Sunday night. Monday afternoon I get an email from the seller along with a refund and some crap reason he deciced not to sell it anymore. I have taken that as a sign that I don't need to try tweaking another device with the upcoming holiday activities going on. I will not be getting a Sprint TP. At least not this month. I will however, be keeping the vzw TP. I am sure an unlocker will be coming out for it which will allow custom ROM's and I will keep working with it and the beta Redfly drivers.

Pay-it-forward gadget giveaway
Seriously folks, I have mentioned this once before. If you or someone you know (student, unorganized person, etc.) needs a winmo device and can not afford one, needs a backup, needs something til their contract is up, whatever, I am spreading the cheer, as only a gadget lover can. These devices need a good home for someone who has a verizon line. I want to help someone out. I would like to do this directly, but if you know of a charity that would accept devices like this please let me know. I have two pn-820 smartphones, a Treo 700wx, and a nokia 770 internet tablet. I have been extremely blessed this year and want to give back. I will trust that if you ask for one of these that your intentions are good, someone is watching you. He knows if you've been bad or good, and it's not Santa. Yeah maybe I am a bit nuts, but.....well yeah I am a bit nuts.

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