Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thoughts on the Saga

Well 24 hours have passed using the Samsung Saga (sch-i770), and so far my only complaint is
ITS TOO BIG. If you haven't watched my video yet you need to.

Anything else is basically something that I knew would be a problem when I got it. No GPS, proprietary charge port, and the standard battery is not enough for my use.

I really like the optical mouse. Switching between mouse mode and navigation is quick and easy. I use mouse mode for everything except when I am looking at email or my calendar. It is easier to use navigation mode with those imo. I wanted to shoot a vid showing how it works but my Flip Video camera will not shoot the screen of the phone clear enough. I have been fighting a cold all week and just don't feel up to dragging the camcorder out right now to show you.

One annoyance is the left and right soft buttons. It doesn't appear they let you choose what they should be. The left soft key is "phone". This seems to be a bit stupid as it makes three ways from the Today screen to get to the phone menu (four if you count that you can simply just start dialing a number).

One thing that is fixed is the clock on the today screen. Previous phones I have used would only update the Today screen clock when you brought it out of standby. If it was 3:00 pm when you placed it in standby and didn't open it for 35 mins, the first 5 seconds you had it out of standby it would still show 3:00 before it jumped to 3:35. It always made my heart jump a bit everytime I turned it on.

I will blog more over the next few days, but this device is a keeper for me. Its a solid winmo device and if you like front facing keyboards this one is nice. The keyboard is easy to use and type with.

I have had a Treo 700wx as a backup and now with the saga in my hands with two more devices coming out I want to look at (Omnia and Touch Pro) I can see the Saga either being my daily driver or my new backup.

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