Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick Video Review


Steven said...

thank you for your video review of the samsung saga. i am a very heavy user of my i760 and have been considering the i770 and the new palm treo. i do not like the fact that the palm treo does not have soft keys. but i do not like the fact that the i770 (saga) does not have a real 5-way dpad (which i think is essential for calendar navigation -- going from day-to-day). can you please tell me if that RING around that big circle on the i770 is a real d-pad?

also, do you know of any cradle/chargers available for the i770? i don't understand why samsung puts the charger port on the side so it seems having a cradle would be less likely.

thanks again!

James A. Morman said...

No the ring is not a d-pad. The two choices you have for what I will call the BBB (Big Black Button) are Mouse mode and Navigation mode. Navigation Mode is what would work the best for calendar use. You slide your thumb across the BBB and it will move from day to day if you're in day mode in month mode moving your thumb down the BBB will move the calendar. In navigation mode you will only navigate in between the top and bottom margins of the screen. What I mean is you cannot navigate to the ok or "x" button. In navigate mode you must press the x button either on the screen with your finger or hit the hard ok button. I will shoot a quick video for you later this morning. I personally like it better than a d-pad because my thumb gets tired of pressing a d-pad repeatedly. Navigation mode is also nice for scrolling through emails and web pages when using PIE. Opera Mobile (which is pre-installed) has finger scrolling.

Greg said...

Hello and thank you for your review. I am still deciding whether to go with the Verizon XV6800 or the Samsung Saga. I have a question. I've read a complaint recently online from someone having issues with the Saga dialing on its own and settings changing because it has no cover. Have you found this to be an issue, or is there a good hardware/software LOCK feature on the Saga. Have you noticed any issues with the phone (hardware/software-wise) since your last post in Nov? Just would be nice to hear from someone who's really been using it alot for at least a month. thanks so much!