Friday, November 28, 2008

My Touch Pro is going back Monday

Found this post from the amazing mrailing. If he can port a Sprint TP over to Verizon then I know it's safe to do.

Sorry but with the holidays I haven't wrote much about the Touch Pro but I am switching ESN's back to the Saga today and mailing this piece of crap back Monday. I will look for a Sprint Touch Pro next week. The keyboard is laid out better and it has more memory and I get a phone with unlocked GPS. My plan is to unload all of the rest of my phones and stick with the saga and the Sprint Touch Pro.

Wondering what else I have? Two pantech pn-820's, a treo 700wx, and a nokia 770. I am in a pay-it-forward mood this year. If you have need for one of these devices, send me an email.

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