Sunday, November 23, 2008

"The hotel detectives were outta sight"

Well if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I am staying at a hotel tonight. While I was at our company Christmas Party my brother-in-law stopped at my house and while walking through our breezeway kicked over a gallon can of two-cycle gas. I am not sure how but he must not have noticed right away because the whole gallon spilled out. Had it been straight gas it prolly would have evaporated on its own, but with the oil mixed it made a smelly slippery mess, which proceeded to fill our whole house with gas fumes. BAD. After throwing everything from our breezeway outside and dumping about 20lbs of Floor-Dri over the spill, we still had the smell. If it were just me I would have stayed. We opened a few windows and off to Holiday Inn Express we went. So I am down enjoying a pretty good continental breakfast along with my BT tethered connection (wifi not free here, this is faster anyways).

Oh BTW any decent rock fan shold recognize the title to my post.

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