Sunday, November 30, 2008

Function vs. Form - Sizzle vs. Stability

It was not the best few days to talk about the Touch Pro. I really haven't had time to give you a good review for those of you who haven't had a chance to see it yet. I have however been using it alot, mainly because I could not switch back to the Saga without a call in to vzw. Evidently with the Saga being a world phone I can't switch ESN's online. It has taken a lot of time and work that normal people would not do to get the Touch Pro working close to what I want.

HTC and their devices amaze me. Maybe they shouldn't amaze me, perhaps I am a minority. HTC devices look great but their functionality out of the box and build quality is always lackluster. Everyone I have used, 6700, SMT5800, Touch and Touch Pro all have had this problem for me. Samsung makes a better quality device and the 'right out of the box' experience is way better in my opinion but they lack the sizzle of HTC hence why you see little published about the Saga lately or last year when the i760 came out. The Omnia is getting a good amount of press. It appears to be a step in a new direction compared to the function over form win mo devices that Samsung has made before (730, 760, 770).

Well I still plan on getting a Sprint Touch Pro and returning the VZW model. I will have both for a day to do some side by side comparison for you. I like having two devices because I do treat them rough. The Omnia isn't going to be an option for me because I want a real keyboard.

So this week get ready for some Touch Pro madness!! My plan is to have the Sprint model this week and post the step by step on porting to Verizon.

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