Monday, November 17, 2008

Customer Service Problems

Today has been a trying day for me when it comes to dealing with other companies. I am so used to being in an industry which goes over and above the call of duty when it comes to customer service.
I had a mobile fax number through efax. Last month I switched to callwave, simply because it was cheaper. I kept efax for a month just to be sure callwave was working fine. Efax has two numbers to call for customer service, one toll free, the other not. The toll free number told me to call the not free number. The not free number then told me to logon to a website for a live chat. Now i am getting a bit miffed. The chat person offered 2 months free to stay with them. No thanks you should have thought of that before, you must be charging too much. Ok they said we will be happy to cancel you but you can keep the next two months free either way in case I don't like callwave. Wow I think thats a nice gesture. Then very quickly....."Ok call us in two months when you are ready to cancel, goodbye". Chat over. Now I am pissed. I don't wanna call back in two months. I doubt I will remember in two months. SO I start a new chat with a different operator and proceed to let them know that if they cant automatically cancel me in two months to cancel me NOW.
Moral of the story: Be a gracious loser. Don't do things which obviously appear to be cheap tactics to keep me as a customer. I will not consider you if I needed to switch again.

I was also going to rant a lot about FedEx. I love UPS. Just to be fair I googled two phrases "fedex sucks" and "ups sucks" and ups had more hits, so my problems with fedex must be specialized to my region.

OK I have a cold its time for bed

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